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We have experienced professional to serve you in order to solve any challenges faced in flexible packaging. With long experience in customize flexible packaging manufacturing, we will present you high quality, unique appearance and convenient products, as well as sustainable packaging for the implement of sustainability in the future.

MeiwaPax Malaysia had implemented Japan standards and installed machines from Japan. With these prerequisites and non-stop development, we can produce high quality products to fulfill customers satisfaction.

MeiwaPax Malaysia is always prepared to grow with all of our customers by persisting to work ethics and moral principles.

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A company Customers can Trust

Our customers trust us to produce and deliver outstanding bespoke premium products on time, every time, no matter where In the world they are. We export 85% of our products to diverse client base who range from major retail & e-commerce brands to major courier brands. Our customers know we are experts In our field and Is the main reason we can see a future together with all of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

M – Modern

We have high quality machinery and equipment with the latest technology from Japan. To meet your requirements and support you to complete the job.

P – Professional

With more than 40 years of experience in producing flexible packaging, we have the expert team to serve and support you from foundation until the top.

X – Xenodochial

We are friendly and supportive to anyone come to enquiry us. Our professional team are always ready to handle and solve all the problems from you.



Premium Grade Producers of various packaging that Perform Incomparably to our competitors

With a variety of industry-leading packaging, we are at the top on a local scale for being an outstanding supplier. Our years of collective experience and insights In the industry has allowed us to design and produce  products that will perform better and provide world class results, giving our customers the undeniable confidence in their brand.

Supplying high-quality packages locally in Asian region production

When vertically setting up a factory overseas, packages that were available in Japan may not be obtained locally, and the brand value of the product may be damaged. In order to support Japanese manufacturers and local manufacturers who are entering the world and developing businesses, we expanded our business base mainly in Asian regions where growth is prominent.

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